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Junior Golf League

The league plays every Sunday evening from 4:45 PM till 7:00 PM.

Play Dates: June 16th - August 25th


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Our Mission:

            To grow the game of golf by giving local youth a friendly / welcoming environment to practice and learn the game of golf.  We want to get those kids who are interested in playing that opportunity without the expense and commitment that would typically be involved.  They'll be learning in a relaxed atmosphere with their friends and colleagues.  



            The league will play on Sundays at 4:45 PM and will be broken into one 8 week session with a short time to warm up and hit balls before play each week.  The intent is to help get the kids out playing golf with their friends which should make the game more enjoyable to play and in turn keep them interested in playing each and every week. 

Session Break Down

Play Dates: June 16th - August 25th


            All youth golfers who are 8 years old or above are eligible to play in the league.  However, we will need some parents of  the players 12 or younger to volunteer to help with this group.  We’ll need the chaperones to help keep the kids moving along.


            All players must have their own equipment.  That being said, we have secured a partnership with Pennfair Golf Shop to help get the necessary and appropriate equipment in each participant’s possession at the best prices possible.  You are not required to use Pennfair Golf Shop to purchase any equipment but we do suggest that you take advantage of their expertise before purchasing new or used equipment for your child.


            Printable registration form can be found here.

Cost per Session:

            Cost for the 8 week session is $160 per player, includes a bucket of practice balls, a loaner push cart (limited availability) and play on the golf course with your friends each week.  Payments and registration forms must be received prior to participation.

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