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                                                                                                         * John C. Harmon

                                                                                                           Independent Golf Instructor










As the grandson of 1948 Masters Champion Claude Harmon, I have been blessed with many wonderful experiences through the game of golf.  I truly have a love affair with this game and a passion for helping golfers of all abilities improve.  It’s an honor to share the ‘Harmon Philosophy’ with my students -- helping them discover and perfect their own unique swing.  Please contact John directly for appointments.             


* John Harmon offers all of his lessons at CenterPointe Country Club as an independent instructor and has no affiliation with the club itself.



Services Offered:

- On-Course Playing Lessons

- Full Swing

- Short Game

- Mental Game and Course Management  


Playing Lesson (9 Holes)              $80


Private Lessons        Adults             Juniors

45 Min. Lesson            $60                   $45

Series of 5                   $250                  $200

Series of 10                 $500                  $400


Young Beginner Juniors              $30 – (30 min.)


Series packages can be used within families. 

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